Omar Jadwat Answers (My!) Questions After Stunning ACLU Win

By Benjamin M. Adams January 29, 2017       @BenAdamsO_O

I went to Cadman Plaza last night hoping that my New York SecurePass (Attorney ID) would get me into the Federal Courthouse so I could witness the historic hearing taking place inside. My yellow pass gets me into legal places where others often cannot follow, so…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…It didn’t. No chance. There were people there, people. Lots of ’em. And they were doing some work, protest-chanting and whatnot. It got me fired up a bit to be honest because these people in front of the Courthouse, they were doing some real work. I’m not getting all prudish about having fun with the mob. It’s Brooklyn. It’s cold. I’m not getting in the building anyway. I think Ari Melber is out here. I can sense his presence. I wonder if any press got into the Courtroom and I wonder dumbly why the universe hasn’t put me inside for the hearing.

More of that later. The big news is that I got a chance to ask some questions of the ACLU’s lead attorney, Omar Jadwat, immediately after the stunning victory putting parts of the Executive Order on hold. Well, it wasn’t exactly immediate. First, I waited patiently for MSNBC’s Ari Melber to ask his questions. Then I got impatient with Ari’s questions, and I interrupted (twice) to ask if the ruling applies only to the Eastern District of New York or nationwide. Omar confirmed the stay is nationwide. Honestly, I didn’t understand any of Ari’s questions but I just never have anything nice to say about Ari, so I just shouldn’t say anything. He asked Omar if this is a partial victory or a complete one. Uh, well its just a temporary stay so…oh well, I’m still being nice but please, Ari. I have questions to ask this man. You have a show to do tomorrow and I don’t. Please don’t forget that, Ari. Also, you should have been in the Courtroom.

Ok, so yes I know you want to watch Ari do his thing. Here you go with the raw cut, complete with my rude interruptions. This is pure Omar. Enjoy it. Soak. It. In.



Finally, Ari took off in a stretch limo with some beautiful woman (that’s a joke Mrs. Melber). The un-joked truth is that some of us stayed around, and we got to ask Omar some interesting questions. About law even!

I asked which of the claims raised in the ACLU brief — procedural due process, statutory, and equal protection — he felt was the strongest. I asked him if green card holders would get a hearing. I asked him if he felt the executive order was fatally unconstitutional or if it could be cured by providing additional due process. (Sorry about the bad camera work folks, my cameraman got knocked down in the scrum.)




Omar needed to get some sleep and I allowed it. It was Omar out. It turns out, however, that Omar didn’t go to sleep. He doesn’t need sleep, apparently. It’s one of his superpowers. He had just saved the world. He didn’t need sleep. He wanted the after-party and for Omar, that meant engaging in some ridiculously epic trolling of Rudy Giuliani, who just seems to go insaner and insaner each time that he goes insane. This thing actually seems to have happened–

I mean this is just too batshit crazy to be believed but we need to believe it for now. I certainly do. Do you know who else does?

This was an uber, meta subtweet of the highest order. It was so clear what Omar was saying, “Mr. President, this is how you troll people on Twitter when you’re sleep deprived. I just beat you in Federal Court, Mr. President and now I am beating you at the sleep deprived sub-tweet game.”

I tweeted to Omar that he should for reals subpoena Rudy but does Omar really need my help? I laughed at my own silly hubris. I went back to the spot that Omar had walked on to briefly worship. Then it was back to work people. Work.

No Ban, No Wall, Liberty for One and All!




Also, Can you show me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like!




Lastly, I sweet tune rippled through the crowd, reminding us all who exactly makes up the good old USA. You. And. Me.



Back to work people. Back. To. Work.

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Recovering Attorney, Dad of Six, Concerned Citizen

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